PDP 2020


Changes that force us to react; changes that affect all facets of life; changes that impact society as a whole. 

That’s 2020 in a nutshell.

This is the year when we realize that everything that happens around us heavily affects both our lives and the way we work. It’s also a welcome reminder that our own actions (or lack thereof) affect the world around us. 

This year we want to focus on a word that is often overused and undervalued — process

We can define the creative process as the total sum of our creative experiences and teachings. It’s what happens between a blank sheet of paper and the “aha” moment; it is a game, an intellectual and emotional experience that can have a profound effect on us as individuals and, at best, the world. 

But when does a process start? Perhaps more importantly, when does it end? We could argue that a process begins the moment an author starts dealing with a topic and lasts for as long as there’s someone to observe the finished artwork.

Therefore, the period of creation in itself can be considered as a process, along with the reaction it provokes during its “lifetime”. 

The creative process taps into our psyche and harnesses whatever is present, whatever we accumulated throughout life — an intangible capital that we invest in each new challenge, exploration, and project. 

Any kind of finished artwork is simply the end result of the process behind it. Think about it: what kind of process lies behind your work?  

Ever since the inception of the PDP Conference, our goal has been to educate young creatives. Still, we know that education goes far beyond displaying embellished examples or creative works tailored to appeal to the widest possible audience. The process of learning has to encompass both sides of the creative spectrum.

We want to show you the glorious failures and spectacular triumphs that are an unavoidable part of an artist’s life. 

We’d like to invite our lecturers, mentors, and participants to analyze their work and the process that brought their art into existence; we can learn so much by observing the road from inception to realization, and the many nuanced complications that happen along the way. 

Come and join us at this year’s PDP conference — our ongoing, twelve-year-long process.