The PDP Conference, in cooperation with Foundation Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture and their programme Kaleidoscope of Culture, proudly invites all designers, illustrators and other visual artists to take part in the poster design exhibition on the topic of Process.

This year’s open call is focused on exploring the many processes that affect an artist’s journey. How can we best define the creative process? In a way, it represents the total sum of our experiences and teachings, but also the way we tackle challenges and perceive the world around us.

Our topic can also be applied to a much broader context, especially given the current state of the world. We’ve all undergone processes that have made 2020 a year to remember, if for all the wrong reasons. We currently inhabit a world that is forced to embrace a different kind of normalcy and it’s affecting us all in more ways than one.

We’d like to start a dialogue and would love to find out how you define the creative process from your own point of view.

After the closure of the competition’s submittal phase, a Selection Committee will shortlist artworks that will be presented at the exhibitions at both Design Pavilion starting from October 2nd, and the PDP Conference, 16-18th October. Exhibitions will be organized with full adherence to the Government’s regulations and guidelines related to the health situation.


The competition is international, open for all interested artists, designers, and anyone in between and beyond, be they professionals or amateurs. The organizing team is especially looking forward to the participation of young people and students (BSc., MSc., PhD.).

Important dates 

Deadline for submitting applications is September 7th 2020. 

Technical requirements 

Posters are to be submitted in PDF format. Size of each separate file is limited to 5 MB. 

Each participant may submit a maximum of three posters. 

The file naming convention is as:

Your Name_Your Surname_Poster_Artwork No.pdf

For example, if you’re submitting 2 posters, you’ll submit files named:



Artworks shall be printed in silk-screen printing technique. Maximum paper size is limited to B1 (707 x 1000 mm), white, uncoated. Usage of any other standard paper sizes (A, B formats) is allowed, as long as their dimensions do not exceed B1 format.

Maximum number of colours used in an artwork is limited to 3.

Due to the printing technique that will be used, is it essential to match the format of the printing paper while preparing the artwork. Remember to properly utilize and save your artworks in layers and in native file formats, so that any adjustments later on in the printing phase can be made. Please send a full colour PDF file of your artwork but keep in mind when preparing a document with multiple colour layers to separate each layer by colour.

How to apply

Send us your PDF file at 

The subject of the e-mail should be “Name Surname POSTER”, for example ” John Smith POSTER”.

All authors selected for the exhibition will receive a detailed instruction on how to prepare their artwork for printing. It is important to save your work in native files and make use of layers, in order to make the print preparation easier.

All authors whose work will be presented at the exhibition will receive a certificate of participation. Top three artworks will receive an award, with the best work being awarded with a unique award of the PDP Conference – the PDP Cube.

Final remarks

The content of the posters must not propagate racial, religious, national or any other form of discrimination.

The organizers reserve the right to show the complete exhibition, as well as individual posters from the exhibition, in other institutions in Novi Sad and other cities, as well as in other exhibition spaces outside of Serbia. In that case, the authors will be notified about the new exhibition of their work.

The organizers reserve the right to use posters presented at the conference in the documentation related to the PDP Conference, as well as in printed and online media, in promotional campaigns and conferences (stating the author’s name is obligatory). 

Send us all further inquiries to: